Ringo - Our Hero!

A humble and unassuming resident of Applewood Forest, Ringo's boundless curiosity is only surpassed by his compassion for others-- provided they aren't out to get him, of course! Because of his quiet and gentle demeanor, Ringo is usually the first person the residents of Sapling Town reach out to for all manner of tasks, ranging from housework to gardening to foraging for delicious fruit. Although some might call these tasks "chores," or perhaps, "things that no one else could be bothered to do," Ringo honestly just seems happy to help.

Octavian - Dry Old Octopus

A regular sight in the waters of Applewood, Octavian has made himself at home swimming in the fresh waters of the forest. Although he's mostly limited to staying at least partially submerged, Octavian is able to navigate Applewood via a network of aquatic tunnels that connect each individual body of water. With a great amount of life-experience to his name, Octavian has become something of a father-figure to Ringo-- and, of course, like the best dads, he is also very, very lazy.

Al Pacone - Very Honest Businessman

Nothin' special to see here, folks. Just a 100% honest-to-goodness alpaca looking to exchange quality goods for modest quantities of goldberries. There's definitely nothing shady about this guy. Sure, he might have connections from all around Applewood via an underground network of less-than-visible merchants, and sure, some of the favors he asks might be what some would call "dubious at best," but at the end of the day, Al is just a guy making an honest living in this harsh world of ours. I wasn't paid to say this. Works with Jacqueline in the Sapling Town shop.

Jacqueline - Well-Gotten Goat

Jackie spends her days managing the inventory of goods that Al has stockpiled in the Sapling Town shop. Her snark and impatience behind the counter might lead some to believe that she's dissatisfied with that position, but she's never made a motion to leave. She'll occasionally disappear from the shop to go to who-knows-where, but she's always back to managing the counter shortly thereafter. Her relationship with Al is at times cooperative and at times adversarial-- and always impossible to understand.

Owlfred - A Lofty Intellect

When one calls to mind the name "Owlfred," it conjures images of the greatest minds of our era. I'm reminded of the musings of the great philosopher of Moleheim, Errol Mynn, who wrote "to bask in the light of knowledge is to know the mind of our creator, to explore a space beyond the boundaries of our mortal coil and truly become one with everything." From this we can deduce that knowledge, like light particles, carries energy without mass, and that we'd be able to use that energy to make a device to go into space and order a sandwich all-the-way, if only we could find some way to make snakes immortal. That's sort of like how Owlfred runs his library, in a way, and speaks to his passion for being the president, secretary, and multiple-time sole-existing-member of the Applewood Guidance Council.

Tammy Nukie - The Insatiable Collector

Tammy recently became enamored with the old Applaysian folk-practice of wood carving and has been campaigning to grow her collection of presently one-carving-strong by asking other people to collect them for her. Although Tammy may not have the strongest work ethic, or the best organizational skills, or any degree of competence in anything in particular whatsoever, she at least has a sunny disposition and a positive outlook. Here's to you, Tammy! When she's not admiring her collection, you can often find her out near Blackberry Lake where she enjoys fishing, swimming, and trying to skip rocks but not being able to so instead just passing her attempts off as intentional because she likes to watch the ripples the splash makes, okay??

Lilly - Riveting Ribbiter

Lilly's alright.