- Heavy Objects

A quick look at some of the tools available to you as you explore Applaysia.


Press and hold the jump button while in the air to hover! You can move horizontally while hovering without losing altitude. But watch out! Hovering drains your flight meter. If it runs out, Ringo will become too tired to flap his wings. (Good thing it regenerates the moment you touch the ground.)

Item Interaction

Pick up items by walking over them and pressing the interact button. You can throw items that have been picked up by holding down the interact button and then releasing it once your throw has been lined-up. You can adjust the trajectory of your throw by pressing up and down.

Wall Hopping

You can jump off of walls to increase your altitude. Just move into a wall while in the air (without hovering) and press the jump button. Additionally, a small amount of your stamina will regenerate while you're sliding down the wall.


Scattered across Applaysia are a variety of collectable items. Pick them up to fill out your collection, power yourself up, trade with the shop in Sapling Town, and just to look stylish. Dedicated collectors will be rewarded handsomely for their efforts.